Our ancestors use to prepare dinner their meals both instantly on fireplace or utilizing pots made out of clay. With the advance in know-how, we’ve got developed significantly better home equipment and in doing so we’ve got additionally misplaced the meals’s actual style and vitamins.

Folks in South Asia particularly use clay pots for cooking Indian meals. These pots are referred to as ‘Meti Handi’ in line with the folks of Odisha and the key behind the scrumptious style is just not the recipe however truly the clay pots through which the meals is cooked.

So how do pots constructed from clay develop style in meals when cooking Indian model? Sure, granted, getting ready meals in clay pots would possibly take numerous time, however the meals is, with none doubt, a lot richer in taste and vitamins.

Let’s talk about a number of the advantages of cooking in a pot made out of clay.

Naturally sweetens the meals

A few of the meals require sweeteners to develop the specified flavors. For instance, in cooking meat, potatoes, fish, and rice, the sweetener helps soften the meat and reduces calorie consumption.

That is the key purpose why natural tea and regular teas are nonetheless boiled in clay pots as a result of it enhances the style through the use of the pure constituents of the clay moderately than any metal or different metallic utensils.

Preserving vitamins

Clay pots for Indian cooking preserve the temperature and the moisture content material of the meals by stopping the steam from evaporating. The essence of the meals is preserved with the pure factor of clay. It absorbs the warmth and offers the optimum surroundings for the method.

Non – reactive

The metal and aluminum utensils which we use these days dissolve in our meals whereas cooking and are harmful for our well being as they trigger illnesses like Alzheimer’s illness. Clay is a naturally current materials that accommodates no such dangerous materials. A clay pot as you’ll anticipate are inert in nature and don’t react with meals elements.

Cooks slowly

Consultants say that by cooking meals on a low flame, the vitamins of the meal are correctly extracted, and it’s a important step in producing the flavors. It takes time to prepare dinner, however a clever individual as soon as stated, the fruit of endurance is nice. Clay pots are large utensils that can be utilized for this objective with out burning the meals.

Retains the meals heat

Clay, by design, is a component able to conserving warmth. Which ensures that the meals is saved heat for hours. And there wouldn’t be any must reheat your meals within the microwave repeatedly. The radiation from the microwave may make the meals radioactive and dangerous to your well being as a substitute of benefiting from it.


We should always use clay pots in our each day routine to prepare dinner wholesome meals stuffed with vitamins and style as a substitute of utilizing hazardous aluminum utensils. Clay pots have numerous advantages apart from conserving the warmth and style as in addition they add as much as the kitchen aesthetics.

Source by Carl Gallant

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